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AGILITY:  September 9-10

CARO: October 28-29, 2023

AAC Agility  Trials

NOTE: The online entry form is accessed  by clicking on the link in the premium.  (Open premium, read, click on link, fill in, submit.) OR copy & paste link in your browser.


Judge:  Antoine Pelletier 


Location: Big Sky Dog Centre 


Complete!  Thank you to our volunteers and supporters.


Results have been emailed and posted on:


4 - 6



Judge:  Sandy MacDavid 


Location: Big Sky Dog Centre 

Opens: Monday, July 10, 2023

Closes: Still accepting entries (no after closing fee)


Trial Premium with Online Entry:


9 - 10


Judge: Brian Wickenheiser

Trial results posted and emailed.  


June 30 -

July 2

Rally - Obedience


OCT 28-29

Fun Matches

No fun matches until further notice. 
Please stay safe and stay tuned.

if dogs make rally sign.jpg
keep on wagging.jpg
Agility Connections &

The Agility Connection supports many connections to the Kingston dog community. 


Check out this link for other groups and clubs.

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