All 2021 agility trials, are pending status of the Pandemic and resulting government restrictions.  

We hope to host the following in 2021 (some restrictions may apply).

We will update and change information as needed. 

All trials will be held at Big Sky Dog Centre, Harrowsmith ON

Friday, July 30th - Afternoon
Esteemed Judge:  Christine Mandy
Two  Steeplechase  &  Two Team Relay

Order of Events: SC1, SC2, TR1, TR2
Saturday, July 31st -    FULL
Starters & Masters Day
Esteemed Judge: Brian Wickenheiser 

Order of Events: SG1, MG1, ST1, MA1, SS1, MS1, SJ1, MJ1
Sunday, August 1st -     FULL
Advanced & Masters Day
Esteemed Judges: Brian Wickenheiser 
Order of Events: AJ1, MJ2, AS1, MS2, AG1, MG2, AD1, MA2


Saturday, September 11th: All Day
Starters & Advanced Day
Esteemed Judge:Janet Lundy 
Order of Events: Sj1, AJ1, SS1, AS1, SG1, AG1, ST1, AD1
Sunday, September 12th:
Masters Day
Esteemed Judge: Wendy Beard
Order of Events: MG1, MA1, MA2, MG2, MS1, MS2, MJ1, MJ2