All 2021 agility trials, are pending status of the Pandemic and resulting government restrictions. 


All trials will be held at Big Sky Dog Centre, Harrowsmith ON

Thursday, June 10th - Afternoon/Evening

Two Standards at Each Level
Esteemed Judge: Sandra Esford 

Order of Events:  ST1, AD1, MA1, ST2, AD2, MA2

Friday, June 11th - Afternoon/Evening

Two Gambles at Each Level
Esteemed Judge: Robin Robbs

Order of Events: SG1, AG1, MG1, SG2, AG2, MG2

Thursday, July 8th - Afternoon/Evening

Two Snooker at Each Level
Esteemed Judge: Jennifer Laird

Order of Events: SS1, AS1, MS1, SS2, AS2, MS2
Friday, July 9th - Afternoon/Evening

Two Jumpers at Each Level
Esteemed Judge: Ian Cranstone

Order of Events: SJ1, AJ1, MJ1, SJ2, AJ2, MJ2

Friday, July 30th - Afternoon
Esteemed Judge:  Christine Mandy
Two  Steeplechase  &  Two Team Relay

Order of Events: SC1, SC2, TR1, TR2
Saturday, July 31st -  All Day

Starters & Masters Day
Esteemed Judge: Brian Wickenheiser 

Order of Events: SG1, MG1, ST1, MA1, SS1, MS1, SJ1, MJ1
Sunday, August 1st - All Day

Advanced & Masters Day
Esteemed Judges: Brian Wickenheiser 
Order of Events: AJ1, MJ2, AS1, MS2, AG1, MG2, AD1, MA2


Saturday, September 11th: All Day

Starters & Advanced Day

Esteemed Judge:Janet Lundy 

Order of Events: Sj1, AJ1, SS1, AS1, SG1, AG1, ST1, AD1
Sunday, September 12th:
Masters Day

Esteemed Judge: Wendy Beard
Order of Events: MG1, MA1, MA2, MG2, MS1, MS2, MJ1, MJ2

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